Our Mission, Vision & a bit more!

To assist with live show bookings, development & promoting the careers of cutting-edge and contemporary Australian music (new and not so new) onto national and international stages.

Our History

We began our musical (ad)ventures almost as a hobby long ago dealing specifically with the underground alternative/punk/pop & some early electronic styles of the time. We started with names such as HELLMENN, MASSAPPEAL, BOX THE JESUIT, TOYS WENT BERSERK, ASYLUM, THE HUMMINGBIRDS, THE DEADLY HUME, THE MOTHERS, BORED, Ollie Olsen’s NO, CALIGULA, VENOM P STINGER (featuring Jim White & Mick Turner now of DIRTY THREE), and at the time, a little known pop/punk indie band called RATCAT – who did end up literally ‘smashing down the barriers’ between independent & commercial music by achieving 3 commercial number one releases in a row (circa 1991). Within a short space of time our roster grew to include Australian luminaries such as YOU AM I, TUMBLEWEED, POWDERFINGER, SPIDERBAIT and more. We even used to have  the occasional theatrical fun moment staging and promoting the annual Box The Jesuit ELVIS Spectacular Cabaret concert events!

During this time, we also worked in different capacities with various Australian and international acts – operating as tour promoters, publicists & at that time, management. We were also involved with publicity and tour co-ordination for an eclectic array of internationals including Dinosaur Jnr, Red Kross, The Butthole Surfers and Seattle legends, Mudhoney (with our friends who now run Modular Records). At the same time, we were also contributing regular articles (involving the Australian Independent music scene) to a variety of magazines, fanzines & radio stations in countries throughout the world including, America, Canada, Sth America, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Spain and The UK. Many of these fanzines and magazines have long since disappeared although they certainly helped to spread the word of Australian independent music at that time. Somehow within this work overload (circa early 90’s), we were also the first Australian representatives of the legendary mega indie label / distributor, Beggars Banquet Records (see more here – http://www.beggars.com/ )

Since this period, our business has grown from representing & booking  the above mentioned bands & activities as well as many other popular acts through to the band roster that we now present on this website. Amongst our artist representation duties, we also proudly present Australia’s premier largest antipodean music festival, ‘HOMEBAKE’ (in conjunction with Village Sounds)

Some  of our other proudest achievements have included working on, and coordinating, all the local and international acts in association with the Olympic Arts Festival for the huge festival event, HEMISPHERES – which did take place in Centennial Park, Sydney, in September 2000 coinciding with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Ironically, having worked on this event and it leading to the introduction of real estate worker, Mary Donaldson to the then unknown visiting Crown Prince Of Denmark, little did we realise that five years later, we would be part of the small core committee organising the major charity event & media blitzed society occasion of the decade, The Red Cross Royal Gala Ball in the presence of now famous Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (see highlights).  In amongst this (& although we detail this and more in our history timeline), we are exceptionally proud to have worked alongside our friends at Chugg Entertainment & Mark Pope Music as co-promoters/organisers of Australia’s largest charity concert events – WAVEAID; LIVE EARTH & the biggest….the duel historical (& Helpmann/ARIA Award winning) Sydney/Melbourne SOUND RELIEF Concert Events of 2009. As strange as it may be, in a covert operation of  ‘mission impossible’ proportions, Sound Relief afforded us the ‘accolade’ of also creating Australian Constitutional history as we managed to score the very first public address to Australia by their Royal Highnesses, Prince William and Prince Harry (introduced by the very lovely Toni Collette via a live cross between Sydney & Melbourne and broadcast live across Australia via the Foxtel network)

Our other festival experiences include working very closely with our friends & office sharers at THE BIG DAY OUT whom we are given the honour of coordinating and promoting sideshows for all the brilliant international acts appearing on the BIG DAY OUT series of festivals each January.

Whilst the Australian Music Industry can be a rough and tumble game at the best of times, IMC has managed to maintain itself as a premier force and respected boutique agency in Australia. We have only ever represented the most cutting edge, diverse and contemporary styles, and will continue to do so for as long as we exist. We are also extremely proud of the superior quality & presentation of music (both on record and live) that each of our talented acts create.

We’ve now been on line for 15 years  to serve a purpose to all music fans young & old, and we do hope that we can be informative enough to keep you up to date with tours, record releases, shows and events, and of course, all the latest news and gossip direct from the IMC headquarters! Please take the time to check through our site and come back often as we will be updating regularly. Whilst you’re here, why not sign up to our mailing list and we will make sure to send you out a regular updates! That way, you’ll end up finding out all the important info before everyone else!


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