1987 IMC commences operations as a ‘hobby business’ (well….we also had aspirations at the time!!). Our ‘learning’ roster included Ratcat, Hellmenn, Massappeal, Box The Jesuit, Toys Went Berserk, Asylum, The Hummingbirds, The Deadly Hume, The Mothers, Bored, Ollie Olsen’s NO, Caligula, Venom P Stinger (featuring Jim White & Mick Turner now of Dirty Three) + others. Our duties included: publicity for international tours as well as endless monthly articles focused on the Australian independent for an arrany of fanzines and magazines in territories such as USA, Sth America, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden.
1990 IMC becomes official. We score the job as official Australian representatives for one of our favourite international labels, the UK’s Beggars Banquet (see http://www.beggars.com)
1991 Ratcat achieve three consecutive commercial number one hits in a row and experience mass (& polar opposite) interest to their beginnings as a brash young alternative post punk/pop band performing in tiny venues. Ratcat tour with INXS to fever pitch crowd reaction and are virtually forced to move internationally so that a level of calm can be achieved. They do so for most of 1991. And…. the song that started the hysteria with it’s slow, almost arduos 8 month climb to the top of the ARIA charts (here’s the alternate clip featuring a future megastar) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCwI35WlFZg
1994 Agency operations expand – In amongst all those bands who join us at the time, one remains forever by our side from this period having gone from strength to strength with continued success. They are SOMETHING FOR KATE. Other notables from this period of expansion – Powderfinger, Tumbleweed, Spiderbait, Screamdeeder, You Am I, Jebediah and more. 

The inaugural Weedstock Festival takes place in Byron Bay (named for Tumbleweed) –  later to become Homebake Festival.

1995 The first Homebake Festival takes place in Byron Bay featuring a very young silverchair, Tumbleweed, Spiderbait and the then, little known Grinspoon. The date was December 28th 1995 – however Byron Bay council intervention forced a move to January 3rd 1996. Homebake sat in silent preparation in Belongil Fields for a week before a rainy day in Byron Bay hosted what was to go down in Australian music history as ‘Mudbake’. 

Tumbleweed become akin to Australia’s version of Nirvana causing pandemonium with sold out crowds where-ever they perform (ironically, they supported Nirvana on their one and only tour of Australia)

1997 We join our friends from the BIG DAY OUT Festival to form the beginnings of HOAX HOUSE.
1999 Alex Lloyd wins an ARIA for breakthrough Artist – it was to be the beginning of a hugely successful period for Alex.
2000 After 2 years of effort, the Hemispheres Festival in conjunction with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games takes place in Centennial Park, Sydney. Coinciding with Hemispheres, we tour THE CREATURES (featuring legends Siouxsie Sioux & Budgie from the iconic punk/new wave act, Siouxsie & The Banshees). We also tour legends of the world/beats genre, Transglobal Underground. We welcome the incredible crossover hip hop rock styles of 1200 TECHNIQUES + the electro thud pop of big dance faves, (& pioneers), SONICANIMATION to the IMC fold. 

PNAU win an ARIA AWARD for their stunning debut album, ‘Sambanova’- as does ALEX LLOYD for his incredible ‘Black The Sun’ debut album.

2001/ 2002 Another 2 year effort in the planning as we commence an amazing working relationship with respected director/producer team – Alex Proyas & Topher Dow learning the ropes of the film world preparing Homebake for it’s first starring role in the major feature film GARAGE DAYS. Filming did take place during Homebake 2001 after an incredibly nervous start courtesy of the weather. Inspired by this process, 2001 resulted in the inclusion of the inaugural Homebake Cinema Pavilion produced and curated by director/actor and all round good guy,  Kieran Darcy-Smith of the incredibly successful production company BlueTongue Films (together with a little help from Kieran’s Blue-Tongue cohorts, the infamous Edgerton lads).  In amongst this, ALEX LLOYD releases his second hugely successful album, ‘Watching Angels Mend’ which contains the mega hit ‘Amazing’ – a song which ends the year winning a multitude of awards  + the honour of being the number song on Triple J’s Hottest 100. To our surprise and schock another IMC long time fave, SOMETHING FOR KATE score the number 2 spot in this same Triple J Hottest 100 of 2001 (SFK also scored 2 other tracks in the same poll) 

In 2002 HOMEBAKE is officially immortalized on the big screen via the international release of GARAGE DAYS.  The same year sees one of our brand new agency acts, Jet, make their festival debut at Homebake 2002. Check out the trailer for ‘Garage Days’ here:

ESKIMO JOE win their first ARIA

ALEX LLOYD also scores an ARIA for the massively successful ‘Watching Angels Mend’ album

1200 TECHNIQUES make hip hop history both performing at and collecting 2 ARIA Awards

2004 We take stock of two new acts who go on to conquer the world – Cut Copy & Wolfmother. Having had a taste of the world of cinema, IMC ‘artistes’ Decoder Ring score the soundtrack to the 13 x AFI Award winning and critically lauded Australian film, ‘Somersault‘ starring the then little known Sam Worthington (alongside a stellar cast). Incidentally, one of those AFI awards was won by Decoder Ring for the soundtrack! 

The JET roller coaster reaches fever pitch worldwide with their incredible ‘Get Born’ debut album picking up the award for Best Rock Video at the MTV international Music Awards and who could ever forget it….


An international Ipod ad, accolades from Geelong to Stockholm and Australian rock was once again placed atop of world stages. Two years after they appeared early in the day on their first festival experience (& after having notched up almost 3.6 million album sales worldwide since), we are proud to have Jet take the main closing ‘role’ at Homebake for a special birthday. The Homebake Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary in a blaze of publicity and with one of the biggest (& heaviest) birthday cakes we’ve ever seen! Yes Folks, the cake on all the posters was real and was devoured by many of our friends. Once again, Homebake proves to be testament to the wealth of musical talent in our own backyards

JET dominate the ARIA Awards scoring 6 out of 7 nominations (this in amongst a truckload of international awards and nominations)

Not to be outdone, ESKIMO JOE win two ARIA’s

2005 We end 2004 with the tragic news of the catastrophic tsunamis that wiped out many areas throughout Asia. Together with our friends, Chugg Entertainment & Mark Pope Music and with a heck of a caring management team- as well as many, many far more deserving & hard working souls – we all chip in to stage the now legendary WAVEAID concert featuring a stellar line-up of Australian stars including MIDNIGHT OIL, POWDERFINGER, SILVERCHAIR, JOHN BUTLER TRIO, THE WRIGHTS, MISSY HIGGINS, NICK CAVE, PETE MURRAY, THE FINN BROTHERS,KASEY CHAMBERS & THE WAIFS.  The event sold out in the record time of less than a week (almost 50,000 tickets) and generated 2.3million dollars (AUSD). All funds were equally divided between The Red Cross, OxFam, Care Australia & Unicef. It was an extraordinary concert and extraordinary feat achieved in just over two weeks of organisation. We did hope we never have to do this again (however, that wasn’t to be the case!). 

(March 2005) – Some were surprised; others thought that it was odd but as the momentum headed to fever pitch for the Royal visit of Crown Prince Frederik & (our) Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, we equally were both gobsmacked and honoured to be asked to be part of the organising committee for The Red Cross Royal Gala Ball in the presence of The Prince & Princess. OK – So it’s not a rock concert nor a festival, although whilst we had worked behind the scenes for approximately 5 months in ‘secrecy’, this event would have to be one of the most honourable highlights of IMC’s career. Taking place on March 2nd, 2005 at The Westin Hotel Ballroom in Sydney City, the Gala Ball was attended by dignitaries, previous prime ministers, Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser, the deputy prime minister, the premier, the governor, many other politicians, celebrities, sporting heroes, A, B, C & Z listers etc etc – all whilst causing chaos in Sydney city streets + more paparazzi than we ever care to see again. Certainly not being the type of event we are used to, the nerves were shattered at this one and crash courses in protocol were the order of the day.  Whatever the opinion, we literally did have a ‘ball’ and it will certainly be embedded in the IMC CV forever. Besides, Mary and Frederik are very cool! For this and the WaveAid efforts, we were treated to a ‘thank you’ gathering at Government House by the Governor Of NSW, Marie Bashir.

We end the year celebrating a sold out Homebake 05 with the antipodes version of Lennon & McCartney – none other than the ultra fabulous Finn Brothers & a reformation of the iconic Go-Betweens (sadly to be their last due to the death of Grant Mclennan shortly thereafter) & legends The Saints……whilst taking charge of another new ‘artiste’ whom in her ‘day job’, has achieved international respect & accolades like no other….we refer to none other than the truly wonderful and inspiring Toni Collette and her most brilliant band, The Finish.

Eskimo Joe win an ARIA for best group.

2006 We start the year with Sydney reaching its hottest day on record – January 1st and the temperature guage hits 45c (113f). We are sad to hear of the passing of The Go-Betweens Grant Maclennan and celebrate his life knowing that at least their last performance was a revered and respected one at Homebake 05. Sadness aside, 2006 truly was the year of Wolfmother – and their theory of world domination  was put well in to practise. Like Jet before them, Wolfmother blitzed Australia, America, Canada, UK, Europe & Japan with their awesome self titled debut album (release in late 2005). Relentless touring contributed to mass conquering of these markets with the highlight being their welcome home arena tour of Australia. Not to be outdone on home turf, Eskimo Joe released their incredible 3rd album, ‘Black Fingernails Red Wine’ whilst Wolfmother were touring those arenas. Within a matter of weeks, Eskimo Joe would go on to create Australian Music History holding the number 1 album chart position for 4 weeks straight. 

Both Wolfmother and Eskimo Joe dominate the ARIA Awards (Wolfmother score 3 & Eskimo Joe score 4).

Wolfmother complete a massive sold out stadium tour of Australia with one of their Sydney Hordern Pavilion shows ‘crashed’ by none other than the entire wreckless cast and crew of America’s Jackass TV series!

Whilst 2006 remained an eventful year for many IMC acts touring international markets, we were also extremely proud for our actress come musician, Toni Collette courtesy of the rave reviews for her hit film, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’….little did we realise what was in store for both Toni and Wolfmother.

We enter December with the record breaking sell out of Homebake 06 – selling out in 4 hours. Featuring an array of magnificent artists including a reformed Models, Gotye, Eskimo Joe, Toni Collette & The Finish, a very young Angus & Julia Stone and our favourite twist, Bjorn Again, this Homebake featured the only act so far to close Homebake twice – Silverchair!  We end the year with news of Wolfmother receiving a Grammy Nomination (to our complete shock) and thrilled  for Toni Collette, as the first of a myriad of award nominations are announced for her very ace hit film, ‘Little Miss Sunshine.

2007 In our usual chaotic beginning of year mode preparing all Big Day Out Sideshows, we keep watch of those international awards with Wolfmother also being nominated for a Brit Award. February 12th, 2007 – a day we won’t ever forget….completely unnaware, we receive a morning phone call from backstage at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards to hear that Wolfmother did win the Grammy for best hard rock performance category (up against Tool & Nine Inch Nails amongst other luminaries). Wolfmother join Kylie and Men At Work as the Only Australian artists to win a Grammy Award since 1982. check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5fyRa1M1bo 

Ironically and within the same week, we are again thrilled for Toni Collette as news comes through of Oscar nominations within various categories for Little Miss Sunshine. The irony – whilst Toni jets off to the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, she then zips to London to present the Brit Awards for the category, Best International Artist. Who should be in that category – none other than Wolfmother. They didn’t win however that irony will not be forgotten. And to add to it all, as Toni Collette commits to her touring schedule in Australia, the Academy Awards take place with two Oscar wins for Little Miss Sunshine happening at the exact same time as Toni performs with her band in Sydney venues – now that’s what you call dedication!

Wolfmother return to Australia for headline festival shows.

Almost replicating the past, we are given the call up by our old ‘charity promoter’ partners – Michael Chugg and Mark Pope to join forces again – this time to stage the massive Sydney leg of the worldwide LIVE EARTH concerts spearheaded by Vice President Al Gore (& now nobel peace prize winner). To say that this was exciting, challenging and arduous would be a complete understatement. Intense meetings, planning and hours were the order of each day culminating in the biggest musical challenge the world had ever witnessed on the one day – 7 concerts taking place across the world in 7 cities on 07/07/07. Staged in Sydney’s massive Football Stadium, 50,000 punters came together to support the cause and global awareness campaign for Climate change. Starring Crowded House, Jack Johnson, Wolfmother, Toni Collette and The Finish, Eskimo Joe, John Butlet Trio, Missy Higgins, Paul Kelly, Ghostwriters, Sneaky Sound System, Blue King Brown + an array of hosts including Ian Thorpe and the honourable Peter Garrett, it did include yet another bizarre moment in the life of IMC with an unexpected phone call from the VP himself, Al Gore, extending congratulations. As a closure to this momentous (yet surreal) day, we discover that IMC artists, Wolfmother & Toni Collette & The Finish, dominate the front pages of both Sunday papers (next day). That’s definitely a record for us.

As it was time to come back to earth (excuse the pun), we all did later meet with VP Gore at an exclusive Sydney function whereby Al Gore thanked Toni Collette personally. Back to reality, and Homebake decides that it’s shameful that never has it seen a female close the festival, so we focus on the now legendary theme, The Ladies Domain – a difficult task with which we feel only one act could take the role. So, we coerce one of Australia’s most respected and successful acts to reform – none other than the DIVINYLS.  With the mission accomplished, we continue to develop the show resulting in what we believe to be one of the most spectacular Homebake’s since it’s inception. PNAU finally release their third self titled album to mass critical acclaim – being the beginnings of bizarre path to heady heights!

A little know brother & sister duo from Sydney’s Northern beaches, Angus & Julia Stone release a couple of EP’s followed up by what was to become 100,000+ selling debut album ‘A Book Like This’. It was the beginning of an another international roller coaster ride to massive success

We end the year with a (yet to happen) life changing experience as guests of Chugg Entertainment friends, attending Sir Elton John in concert. Read on!

2008 We start the year in usual Big Day Out Sideshow chaos mode although within 2 weeks are absolutely shocked to hear of the untimely death of Aussie actor Heath Ledger. Having been a childhood pal of our artist, Nfa Forster Jones (1200 Techniques), we had watched from the sidelines over the many years as Heath devoted so much time, energy, enthusiasm, support – & even a devoted business relationship with Nfa. Having directed Nfa’s spectacular film clips we, together with the rest of the world, acknowledge that Australia has sadly lost one of it’s greatest & most accomplished talents. RIP Heath Ledger. 

Such a sad start to the year for Australia’s entertainment industry yet the beginning of yet another surreal episide in the on going chapter’s of IMC. From that outing to Sir Elton’s concert, a chance meeting and discussion takes place….fast forward and the Big Day Out 08 show highlight and IMC long time artists, (& dancefloor/pop & electronic pioneers), PNAU score a new massive fan in one Elton John. Whilst Sir Elton becomes obsessed with PNAU, CUT COPY finally release their stunning sophomore album ‘In Ghost Colours’ and to their shock, celebrate a number one entry in to the album charts. Together with PNAU, CUT COPY tour their album with sold out shows across Australia. At the same time, IMC uniquely talented duo, ANGUS & JULIA STONE (blessed with voices of angels) return from many months of overseas touring to be welcomed by sold out huge shows across Australia.

PNAU depart Australia under the auspices of Sir Elton taking up residency in London (where they remain to this day). CUT COPY and ANGUS & JULIA STONE commence gruelling international touring and promo schedules that would see both acts score international accolades well beyond anything either would have ever expected. Alongside a handfull of actors, many of our finest in music also join a growing list of Australian entertainers dominating world stages during the decade known as the ‘noughties’

Ollie Browne of Art Of Fighting forms splinter group, Parallel Lions with Sam Bates and actor/musician, Hamish Michael

Nick Littlemore & Peter Mayes of Pnau  join songwriting efforts with Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson to create the world dominating project titled Empire Of The Sun. They release the internationally acclaimed album ‘Walking On A Dream. Nick and Peter do not tour with EOTS. Interesting facts – this project was originally going to be called SteeleMoore. The filmclip for ‘Half Mast’ was made by Blue-Tongue Films & featured rising Aussie star, Teresa Palmer

Crowded House literally join a crowded house at Homebake in The Domain in Sydney City amongst a star studded line-up. It certainly was an amazing day to remember

2009 We start the year once again at a hectic pace…little did we realise how chaotic it would become. After a spate of devastating floods in Nth QLD, Australia was to face one of it’s darkest days in history on Saturday February 7th 2009 – now known as Black Saturday. On this day – & after having been lashed by some of the most severe bush fires witnessed in modern history – regional Victoria, peaking at 46.4C (115.5F), witnessed it’s largest and deadliest firestorm whereby 173 people were killed and a further 414 were injured alongside thousands being displaced after having lost their homes & possessions. 

Initially instigated by Nic Cester of Jet, of course a call to action was implemented and once again together with our friends at Chugg Entertainment, Mark Pope Music & joining us this time, the good folk at Frontier Entertainment, we did once again unite alongside of the Australian Entertainment Industry to stage the biggest coinciding staged concerts ever in Australia under the banner of SOUND RELIEF. Taking place at simultaneously in Sydney & Melbourne on Saturday March 14th, it was a mammoth effort under the guidance of a united team working 24/7 achieving the miracle of piecing together these huge concerts in less than 4 weeks – none of which could have happened without the generous input from all the most amazing talented bands, entertainers, actors,  and of course virtually all the incredible media who were equally generous with their endless support and participation.

Of particular note is the interesting fact that we managed to achieve constitutional history in Australia as we proudly  scored the first ever address to Australia by HRH Prince William & Prince Harry & introduced by Toni Collette all taking place within a solemn moment during the Sound Relief national broadcast. Arranged in a top secret effort that not even anyone within the highest level of government were aware of, it’s definitely a moment in ‘our history’ we’ll be always remember. You can witness this moment (& more) here:

Kevin Mitchell of Jebediah aka ‘Bob Evans’ releases his ‘Goodnight, Bull Creek!’ album whilst the (becoming legendary) Paul Dempsey releases his album ‘Everything is True’ scoring a hit single with the track ‘Ramona Was A Waitress’

Eskimo Joe release their album ‘Inshalla’ scoring the number 1 spot on the ARIA charts

Jet release album number 3 ‘Shaka Rock’ with the lead single “She’s a Genius” scoring week after week of topping most played song at Australian radio.

Angus & Julia Stone complete a lengthy successful international tour. Angus Stone releases a solo album under the monicker, ‘Lady Of The Sunshine’.

Decoder Ring release the highly anticipated album ‘They Blind the Stars, And the Wild Team’

The Morning After Girls (now living in the USA) commence recording their debut album with famed producer Alan Moulder

Legends, The Church tour America selling out shows everywhere!

Wolfmother are announced to tour with AC/DC in Australia leading through to release of their internationally acclaimed sophomore album ‘Cosmic Egg’

We end the year on a high coercing two of our all time faves to return to Oz and perform at Homebake’s 15th Anniversary – SIA & Daniel Merriweather alongside of a star studded line-up (however no celebratory cake this time!). Sadly, one of our very special guest performers (& Australian icon) Rowland S. Howard cancels on the even of Homebake 2009 due to illness. Within two weeks, Australia loses one of it’s greatest artists ever to grace world wide stages, the ‘immortal’ Rowland.

2010 New Zealand’s hardest working much loved angular indie post rockers Die! Die! Die! finally unveil their highly anticipated 3rd album ‘Form’ to rave international reviews. Featuring the indescribable single ‘We Built Our Own Oppressors’, the video was filmed atop of a high rise in New York City. Fact – the UK’s most talented young actor, Jamie Bell, was asked to appear in the video (it didn’t happen!). 

It’s announced that combined with DVD sales, Sound Relief raises over $8,000,000.00 for both QLD flood and VIV bushfire relief.

Toni Collette wins an Emmy, a Golden Globe and an AFI award – we will eventually kidnap Toni back to music stage!

Wolfmother play guest to AC/DC on their national ‘Black Ice’ tour contributing to Australian music history as this tour is announced  as the largest ever single artist concert tour to have ever taken place in Australia. Coinciding, Wolfmother’s track ‘Fell Down A Hole’ appears on the soundtrack for the Tim Burton film remake of the classic ‘Alice In Wonderland’

Bridezilla release their amazing and critically lauded debut album, ‘The First Dance’

Alex Lloyd travels between his homebase of London to Australia’s top end recording music with the amazing Pigram Brothers to form the soundtrack for the soon to be released film, Mad Bastards

Paul Dempsey relocates to New York City & 78 Saab finally release a new album – the hook ridden pop gem, ‘Good Fortune’. PVT (formally Pivot) join us at IMC as we experience the incredible sounds of their extraordinary new album ‘Church With No Name’ …whilst we also welcome the tinkering wiz kid from the Central Coast, Daniel Lee Kendall. Powderfinger bid farewell to Australia with Jet on board to wave goodbye whilst we are reminded of our beginnings courtesy of reformation dates for Hellmenn.

Angus & Julia Stone sell out another massive tour of Australia (hot off the heels of a sold out word tour).

We wish happy 30th Birthday to Australia’s international icons and much respected, The Church. The celebrations commence with their induction in to the hallowed ARIA Hall Of Fame…however, who would have ever predicted that Steve Kilbey’s unprepared & un-rehearsed speech would result in creating Australian Entertainment history. Here’s why http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=158396410867957

Homebake takes a year off.

2011 We announce the conclusion to The Church 30th anniversary celebrations with the concert to end all concerts…..’A Psychedelic Symphony’ featuring the 70 piece George Ellis Orchestra and introduced again by respected Australian TV presenter, author & reporter, George Negus all taking place in an iconic location of course, the Sydney Opera House. Words cannot describe what vision can convey: 

Cut Copy release their highly anticipated third album ‘Zonoscope’ with a top 3 Australian chart position although thereafter resulting in an extended roller coaster ride of sold out international tour dates throughout 2011. It’s an incredible journey witnessing huge levels of global popularity unrealised on home turf.

Mad Bastards, (director Brendan Fletcher’s debut epic) is premiered at Sydney Festival and thereafter at the famed Sundance Film Festival. Featuring a stunning & incredible soundtrack created by Alex Lloyd together with the Pigram Brothers, this project is one of the finest examples of the marriage of film and music ever witnessed in Australia. We proudly tour the soundtrack under the monicker of ‘Mad Bastards’ (Alex Lloyd together with the Pigram Brothers) across Australia.

We welcome Perth’s pop kings, Split Seconds.

Pnau finally return to Australia to premier their new album ‘Soft Universe’

Continuing on the film theme: Wolfmother score songs on the Hollywood blockbusters ‘Dilemma‘ & ‘Due Date‘ whilst Cut Copy  score with the trailer to ‘50/50‘ Wolfmother are announce as guests to the 2012 Lenny Kravitz Australian tour.

Once again, we relive our beginnings with a special sold out concert event celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ratcat’s 1991 chart topping (& history making) album, ‘Blind Love’

We are proud to welcome Australian legendary actor/musician, Noah Taylor together with his latest musical incarnation The Sloppy Boys

Cut Copy score 2 ARIA awards – their first since their inception. Within one week, they are announced as the only Australian band to be the recipients of a prestigious nomination for the 2012 Grammy Awards

Homebake Music Film & Arts festival returns under the monicker ‘The Classic Edition’ featuring of our long time faves, Aussie international icon Nick Cave with his supergroup, Grinderman alongside a host legendary acts such as The Triffids & Icehouse (performing their 1st album) together with the biggest names in contemporary antipodean music. Homebake introduces yet another new stage alongside film and music, the Homebake Comedy Stage presented by the Sydney Comedy Festival. In honour of the legend that he will always be, Homebake posthumously names one it’s stages the Rowland S Howard Stage

2012 Long (long) time Homebake Cinema Pavilion boss & curator, Kieran Darcy-Smith unveils his incredible new film, ‘Wish You Were Here‘ at Canada’s prestigious Sundance Film Festival. Starring the exceptional Australian actors, Joel Edgerton, Teresa Palmer, Felicity Price and Antony Starr, ‘Wish You Were Here’ is predicted by critics to be a big international success. 

We welcome two new acts to IMC – Adelaide’s Full Tote Odds and Sydney’s Underlights.

Julia Stone announces intimate shows in just six cities worldwide (London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, LA and Sydney) for the launch of  the impending debut solo album ‘By The Horns’

Pnau announce the release of an impending album featuring stunning remixes of Elton John classics (sounding more like Pnau than Sir Elton!!)

Much to our shock, one of Australia’s biggest to hit international stages, JET, call it a day.


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