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Bird On The Buffalo from the upcoming solo album Broken Brights by Angus Stone

Broken Brights from the upcoming solo album Broken Brights by Angus Stone

Big Jet Plane from Lady of the Sunshine album Smoking Gun

Home Sweet Home from Lady of the Sunshine album Smoking Gun




Begin your year with a beautiful track by Angus Stone.

“Broken Brights” is the first taste of new music for 2012 with lots more to come including a new solo album later in the year.

Thanks to our friends at Triple J, for a limited time, you can download the new track here for free.

After disembarking an all-spiritual & prosperous voyage with his sister around the world, Angus Stone has stepped off the boardwalk. With the times they are a-changin in his head & a fist full of quarters for the machine at the milk bar he has been sitting with his malt and think over the trails ahead. Europe was the last he saw of the road before the stones parted off down the way & with a tip of the hat strolled off in different directions.

Since then, Angus has recorded by the canals of Europe, in cabins in the hills of Switzerland and lodgings in & around the coast of Australia to lay tracks for his new record. Stone laughs & says “when you’re on the road your feet are pressed up against the aeroplane window dreaming of something other than travel.. of claiming a stake of time & settling down in a cozy corner someplace”.  But it seems the powers that be have a different path drawn for him. Ever since he stepped off the wagon he’s been traveling with the wind around the world going where the next ticket takes him.

He now finds himself sitting on an old rose wood deck overlooking the lush countryside of India. He is staying in at first glance, what seems to be an old lost log wood cabin hidden in the fold of the Alaskan forest somewhere. He has been living in this lodge in the country with a family that looks after travellers that come & go through these parts to give there body & mind a break from the rusty hinges they obtain through every day life.

“The songs I had chosen for this record I wanted to be tracked on tape. So with this in mind we booked the lodgings with excess rolls so we could let the songs unravel for the very first time & let the tape roll. Listening back most of the songs that we picked were first takes from the day’s harvest in the studio.. i am real happy it ended up that way for the record”.

“These writings and story telling from these past four years of traveling are a great shift for me. Playing this record live is going to be quite a euphoric walk for me. I’m ready at the end of the year to get a rucksack together with a few well needed treasures & a bunch of new n old friends & get to taking off down the road throwing our hats to the wind”.

— Angus Stone

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