Very First Century from the debut EP Strange Behaviour


Cocaine from the debut EP Strange Behaviour


Ladies and gentlemen, meet DAMNDOGS.

One of Australia’s most successful groups, Jet, may have just hung up their boots but their rhythm section, drummer Chris Cester and bassist Mark Wilson, as well as Mitch McIvor and Louis Macklin, have a new act called DAMNDOGS. Full of the energy that a fresh start brings, DAMNDOGS are a swaggering bundle of sleazy rhythms ‘n’ punkish doom disco. Their debut single “Very First Century” was recorded with producer Scott Horscroft (Birds Of Tokyo, Little Red) at BJB Studios in Sydney.

Musically distant from Jet, DAMNDOGS instead channel incluences such as Grace Jones, Happy Mondays, Gang of Four, The Clash, Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Wu Tang Clan, J Dilla, 10cc and CAN. They don’t have a drummer – Cester is on vocals – and he describes their style as “doom disco”. DAMNDOGS carve out a bombastic warpath to the dancefloor, with dark, infectious hooks and sinister rhythms. The band released their debut EP, “Strange Behaviour”, in August 2011

“Catchy as hell.” – Defamer 

“DAMNDOGS deliver weird, dark, danceworthy, tunes that are impossible not to get addicted to.” – The Examiner

“DAMNDOGS are set to cause a ruckus on the dancefloor” – Filter

“’Love’ is perfect prep music to get my blood pumping on a Friday night.” – The Burning Ear

“The band hasn’t neglected the sweaty intensity of JET entirely. Instead, they channel this dark energy into thumping rhythms, echoing choruses, and some seriously catchy guitar riffs… DAMNDOGS are bound to tear up dance floors very soon.” – NYLON

“Damn Dogs are a dance band. Think Gorillaz procreating with PiL and you have some idea of what they sound like.”   Minimism (LA)

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Chris Cester Strange Behaviour EP (2011)
Mark Wilson
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Strange Behaviour EP (2011) www.damndogsmusic.com

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