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As was quite astutely predicted on release of Daniel Lee Kendall’s debut EP Lost in the Moment, this young artist has been busy melting hearts the country over.

Now, DLK finds himself in a very exciting position; on the brink of the release of sophomore EP Talk the Night Away, set for release April 15th.

The past twelve months yielded vast strides for Daniel. There have been some truly memorable live performances (Coaster Festival, Peat’s Ridge Festival, Playground Weekender) in addition to strong triple j and community radio support for the endearing eponymous single Lost in the Moment.

Add to this a rapidly expanding fan base and some very positive media attention and all things DLK are looking decidedly rosy. Most exciting of all; the career narrative of DLK has just barely seen him emerge into the great wide world. There are many things still to come, beginning first and foremost with Talk the Night Away and its heart-warming lead single Hold Me Now.Both of which are ripe and ready for listening.

It is by now well known that DLK prefers the tinkering freedom of recording alone. However, Talk the Night Away saw DLK emerge from his bedroom, flaunting his newly demoed tracks and delve bravely headfirst into Melbourne’s Red Door Sounds studio. Working alongside Lost in the Moment production collaborator Paul “Woody” Annison (Black Cab, Children Collide, Red Riders) this more inclusive process of creating recordings even led to the enlisting of some rather notable help.

Children Collide’s statuesque sticks man Ryan Caesar stepped behind the kit to lend two hands, while some suspiciously familiar double bass lines were provided courtesy of Mr Scott Owen of The Living End. But despite all this foreign assistance, the thematic content of Daniel’s songs remains deeply personal and wonderfully endearing. Talk the Night Away is a winsome cache of songs that has come through the wringer bright and dynamic, expertly held together by DLK’s extraordinary honeyed vocal style.

Taking inspiration from the troubadours that hold pride of place in Daniel’s own musical collection, he has of late meandered out into the blue for the very time. First on a national tour with fellow lovable solo artists Old Man River & Passenger, most recently with good pals Georgia Fair. Audiences nationwide are having their first experiences of the DLK live show, and they are finding them inspiring to say the least.

With Talk the Night Away’s release imminent; Daniel will be joining a most promising and Australian bill (Hungry Kids of Hungary, Andy Bully & The Chemist) for a string of East Coast shows throughout April & May.
The five new tunes on Talk the Night Away transport the listener to a place that is equal parts naive and introspective, confident and warm.

They build most enjoyable bridges between indie, folk and pop, all the while displaying the vivid instrumentation and fiddly beats that have made DLK such an interesting specimen. Talk the Night Away sounds like an artist who is grasping the potential for expanding the nuances of his sound. This is the next chapter in the intriguing story of DLK.

And how bright the path before him looks.

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