We Built Our Own Oppressors


Wasted Lands

Over a short period of time, Die! Die! Die! have solidified their reputation worldwide as one of New Zealand’s most exciting new bands. With an emphasis on rhythm & volume, and penchant for chaotic live performance, Die! Die! Die! create a driving sound that is immediate and visceral while retaining enough melody to make certain that the listener enjoys an aural experience never to be forgotten. And this description is possibly stating it mildly.

Compared to the amazing disjointed sounds of luminaries such as The Birthday Party, Scratch Acid and even The Mars Volta, Die! Die! Die! really are the latest band from New Zealand to keep an eye on. Consisting of Andrew Wilson on guitar and vocals, Michael Prain on drums and Lachlin Anderson on bass guitar, collectively they say their influences include everything from the Skeptics, the Gordons and Joy Division to Minor Threat and Black Flag. Formed in November of 2003, Die! Die! Die! have toured their homeland, Australia & the world numerous times to date – (which included unforgettable sets at festivals such as Big Day Out, Rhythm & Vines, Homebake & Meredith festivals).

In their home country of New Zealand, they have also added several notable supports to their resume, including performing with Wire, Franz Ferdinand and the recent Straightjacket Fits reformation dates. Recording their  self titled debut album  with producer extraordinaire, Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies & PJ Harvey), it was the beginning of a love affair with critics and fans worldwide. Their second album Promises, Promises (2007) was recorded in a dilapidated barn in upstate New York with the help of friend and fellow Dunedinite Shayne P Carter (Straightjacket Fits). Released to world-wide critical acclaim (including 8/10 reviews in The Guardian and NME), Promises, Promises, saw the band back on the road for virtually two years straight, afterwhich they headed to Dunedin to write album number three, FORM. Aptly the band also found themselves signed to Flying Nun Records.

Masterfully produced and recorded by Nick Roughan (The Skeptics), FORM was a ground breaking release for Die! Die! Die! featuring their most incredible work including the critically lauded singles “We Built Our Own Oppressors”, “Howye”, and “Wasted Lands”. It was the album they always wanted to write. It calls upon all the parts, plus more, that makes Die! Die! Die! so exciting but never allows the listener to stop and put your finger on one.  Is it noise pop? Post punk? Shoe gaze? Noise/ post/ gaze/pop?

2012 is set to be another busy and very active year for Die! Die! Die! with the release of their long awaited fourth album. Whatever you call it, its relentless, reckless and sometimes menacing. It has all the ferocious energy and bursting melodies of their previous releases, and while it can tear through you one moment, it also shows a band trying on something different. It is a collision of sounds. It feels like an (R)evolution.

What the international media have said about Die!Die!Die! (a small selection):

“A sense of danger, hunger and heat – qualities that so many current groups miss… other post-punk apostles should come gather at this alter, and prepare to kick the bucket” – The Guardian, London

“Fans of plentiful punctuation and catchy, danceable garage rock anthem rejoice!… 8/10” NME

“One the most sonically exciting breaking act we have heard in years” The Sunday Times

“A blistering pace… a performance that left me wanting more” Mail on Sunday

“This is Nirvana at their bruised best; Iggy Pop and James Williamson reaching rock bottom, yet finding new inspiration in their torment; it’s pain and experience made into the best kind of punk rockArtrocker

“Crunching the genes of Wire, Gang Of Four….the groovy punk of Die! Die! Die! is worthy of its Russ Meyer-like name. The sickeningly tight power trio’s latest effort, Promises, is a bracing throwback to the future.!” LA Weekly

“Bland is an adjective that’s certainly never been leveled at the frantic Die! Die! Die! threesome…Their music rumbles and tumbles in unnerving waves, hooks functioning merely as afterthoughts…– Herald Sun

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