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Love is a Drug from the album Ghosts of the Past

Foreign Land from the album Inshalla

Black Fingernails Red Wine from the album Black Fingernails Red Wine

Eskimo Joe, one of Australia’s critically acclaimed, multi-award winning trios featuring Kav Temperley, Stu MacLeod and Joel Quartermain, have just finished recording their 5th studio album.

With multi-platinum album sales in Australia and successful international tours under their belts, the band has merged from the studio with excitement for what is to come and a friendly look at what has been.

Their career so far has seen them grow from much-loved indie pop rock locals out of Fremantle, Western Australia to stadium rock stars across Australia.  Their early EP’s, Sweater and Eskimo Joe closely followed by their first album, Girl, struck gold in the hearts of many and saw them begin to really make their mark as an up-and-coming Australian band.

Hungry for more, the band proudly presented their second full-length album, A Song Is A City, to a massive double-platinum reception.  The single, “From The Sea”, is often dubbed their anthem by public and press alike.

As a joke that then exploded, the band entered the studio for their third album declaring that they could make a stadium rock album.  Fulfilling their promise, Black Fingernails, Red Wine, shot up the album chart in Australia and cemented the band on the worldwide circuit.  Subsequent tours to the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and the UK followed.

Following the juggernaut that was Black Fingernails, Red Wine came a desire to explore a happier personal space as opposed the darkness that had purveyed through earlier releases.  Inshalla landed an absolute massive rock song with “Foreign Land” and a collection of pop rock golden tunes to carry the band forward.

GHOSTS OF THE PAST is the follow up to Eskimo Joe’s platinum selling 2009 album Inshalla, and recorded by the same team that produced the 4 x platinum, #1 album Black Fingernails, Red Wine. GHOSTS OF THE PAST was recorded at The Grove studios on the NSW Central Coast and the band explain the collaborative creative process here:

The trio of Kav Temperley, Joel Quartermain and Stuart MacLeod has come a long way since their humble beginnings as much-loved indie rock kids in Fremantle, Western Australia. In addition to an already stellar music career that has seen the band tour the world and achieve great success both in Australia and overseas, the boys from Freo have recently launched their own record label, Dirt Diamonds Productions, and built their own recording studio, The Wasteland.

Ghosts Of The Past finds Eskimo Joe taking time to recognise moments that have gone by and create new ones to remember. Times have changed and life goes on, but this is still the band that so many fell in love with over a decade ago.

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Albums / Lp’s

Kav Girl (2001)
Stu A Song Is A City (2004)
Joel Black Fingernails, Red Wine (2006)
Inshalla (2009)
Ghosts of the Past (Aug 2011)

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Ghosts of the Past (Aug 2011)

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