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Another mysterious yet masterful collaboration featuring the talents of Richie from Tumbleweed and Kram from Spiderbait, the Hot Rollers released their debut self-titled album in 1998 through Polydor/Universal Records.

Initially being a much discussed (and, as yet, non performing) project, after two years of planning Richie and Kram released the first epic single from this gathering of forces, being the uniquely titled single, “Wickerman Shoes”. Being an extremely catchy pop ditty, it doesn’t really reflect the styles and variety from the Hot Rollers debut, however it did become an anthem to the masses introducing this duo to audiences across Australia.

Followed by the single “Silver Bullets” Hot Rollers became one of Australia’s most in demand acts with venues and punters nationwide trying very hard to get them to perform – without much luck! Richie and Kram are very proud of the Hot Rollers (actually titled as such due to the fact that both their mothers were hairdressers), so much so that they present the following in their own words: “We simply enjoy writing music together and through that maybe others could enjoy listening to it as well.”

Perhaps one day soon we shall finally see the Hot Rollers perform. If so, you’ll read about it here first!



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