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N’FA JONES:  born in London to an Australian mother, and Sierra Leone father, N’FA was raised cross culturally, in the unique environment of the Perth hills area of Western Australia. Music has been a part of N’fa’s lifestyle since childhood. Through his older brother, Jones-Kabba (a music lover and young aspiring music maker, who had N’FA travelling from one side of Perth to the other, and occasionally cutting school classes to record songs from the age of 10) N’FA found a form of expression and freedom.

This expression was consolidated in the form of music. More to the point through Jazz, Blues, Dub Reggae, Rock, and Hop Hop. To N’FA hip hop based music has always been the most exciting, current, and direct voice of all music across the world. No matter what language, or culture, Hip hop has found a way to people all across the world. Through Hip Hop, everyone has a voice.

Rising beyond his role as the frontman of the wildly successful 1200 Techniques, N’fa is no stranger to success. The ARIA award winning 1200 Techniques sold over 50,000 albums and captivated audiences with their edgy, raw performances at every major music festival in the nation. Through it all, N’fa penned the charting singles “Hard As Hell”, “Where You At”, “Fork In The Road” and the monster hit “Karma”, which peaked at number four on Triple J’s Hottest 100.

With 1200 Techniques taking a well-deserved break, N’fa channelled his unique talents into the release of his debut solo album ‘Cause An Effect’. Evolving and adding to the proven success of his unique hip hop formula, ‘Cause An Effect’ takes the listener on a journey of light and shade as it presents hook-laden anthems alongside smooth, reclining rhythms. In the artist’s own words, the album is “mentally and emotionally mesmerising, crossing the boundaries of standard hip-hop and connecting with listeners on its musical merit.” It’s testament to N’fa’s credibility that he has amassed a team of co-contributors that reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the hip hop industry.

On ‘Cause An Effect’, N’fa collaborated with producers and MCs from the US, UK, Korea, New Zealand and Australia including, Roots Manuva, Mr Yoshiaki (Black Eyed Peas), Peril and Deceptikonz (Dawn Raid Entertainment) To complete the picture, the late Australian & Hollywood respecter actor Heath Ledger and ARIA award winners Michael Gracey and Pete Commins were enlisted to direct the videos for the single “Seduction is Evil” and title-track “Cause and Effect”.

N’fa’s new project is a combined family of artists – the sound is essentially Hip Hop with a cool, yet manic bouncing blend of Breaks, Electronic, and Dub influences

Having played In London, Oz, LA, NYC, Seoul, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Auckland, and Nice… Supported the likes of De La Soul, Ozomatli, Arrested Development, DJ Jazzy Jeff, LL Cool J, Linkin Park, and with a few projects in the works combining with artists including : Daedelus, DBridge, Roots Manuva, Rodney P, Black Eyed Peas, Channel 2, Krondon, Bass Kleph, Son Of Kick, First Man, CIrkus, Kut Master Kurt, Motion Man to name a few.

Having recently collaborated with both Drapht & 360, N’FA now returns bigger than ever with a hit new single ‘Wayooy’ featuring Roots Manuva & M-Phazes – being the first single the forthcoming ‘Babylondon’ EP.

In N’fa’s own words….

For me, life is about growth, experience, and the journey..
It used to be mostly about outcomes, and goals when i was first in the business.. Over the years my view has changed, as i view time differently… I feel the way forward is not to focus on time, but to be in the moment, and let things flow as freely as they can..
With the music I am involved in creating, I aim to put all i can into each song, for what it is in itself.. I hope that people will enjoy the music, and the words, but even more so, i hope that people can experience the energy, the sound, and the story behind each song, each art piece…

‘Cause An Effect’ & Seduction is Evil’ video’s (Directed by the late Heath Ledger)


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