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Whether remixing some of Australia’s finest talents or cranking out their own unique brand of electronic finery, these two English borne although now longtime Australian lads – aka Woody and The Reverend, also known as Pound System – manage to defy pretty much any musical genre or boundary you try to catch them in.

Formed way back in 1997, Pound System were already accomplished players on the electronic music scene even before joining forces. Working as an engineer and producer for the likes of Skunkhour and DefRhyme, Woody was also busy hitting the stage when performing with hybrid local act The Boots Collective. The Reverend meanwhile was working in-house as a programmer at Fortress Studio in the UK, collaborating with trip-hop figurehead Tricky on his seminal Pre Millennium Tension album. Teaming up with him as a bassist on his national tour of Oz, the Rev sensed something was in the air down under… and soon after Pound System was born.

Pound System’s unique crossover sound has seen them hit the road with acts as diverse as Moby and Alex Lloyd, as well as taking over dancefloors at events such as Big Day Out, Offshore, The Falls Festival, Earthcore, Livid, and Homebake. So far their releases include “Tooled Up” (through the PsyHarmonics label), The Counterfeit Bootleg EP and the Get Amongst It EP (both on Infectious Records). Add to that a collaboration with Superjesus’ frontwoman Sarah McLeod plus remixes for the likes of 28 Days, Spiderbait, Regurgitator, Kylie and Josh Abrahams, and it’s obvious that the Pound System are constantly in-demand and pretty damn busy!

Of course, in between the countless live shows and remixes comes You Know It Makes Sense, Pound Systems’ debut longplayer that was released on the Dancenet label. Crossing the boundaries of rock and electro, unlike their previous releases this album has been designed as one big long mix – music with the dancefloor firmly in mind. Recorded in Melbourne at the group’s Bangin’ studios, You Know It Makes Sense features collaborations with the likes of Whit from Spiderbait and Katie Noonan from george, as well as long-time Pound System collaborator Michael DenElzen. As well as winning kudos here at home the album also scored points overseas, with DJs such as Sasha and John Digweed spinning tracks in club nights overseas.

Pound System have been on hiatus for some time and we look forward to the day when they may consider doing their thing live on stage again.


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Woody Tooled Up
The Reverend The Counterfeit Bootleg
Empty Nights Wires
Get Amongst It
You Know It Makes Sense

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