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Although it’s a very rare occurrence to catch this groundbreaking Australian act performing live, Ratcat remain in the IMC hall of fame for dragging Australian music culture out of a boring and stagnant pub rock ‘80s phase and bringing pop/punk guitar rock to the masses.

Being at the forefront of an international musical change of direction that saw the boundaries between indie and commercial success smashed to oblivion, Ratcat’s rise to popularity was the result of public demand and not the industry that attempts to control such demand. Completely taken by surprise, Ratcat released the ground-breaking Tingles EP in 1990 (after many independent record releases via the Waterfront Label) which, with no fanfare whatsoever, made a steady climb to the top of the National Top 40 after seven months of release. In fact, it was the highest selling EP of the year.

Soon after Ratcat released the widely acclaimed Blind Love album, which shot straight to #1 on the ARIA Album charts. Amazingly they also scored a duel #1 on the ARIA Singles chart with the track “Don’t Go Now”. History writes that the last band to have done this was INXS back in the ‘80s and, as far as we can recall, the next was to be Savage Garden not so long ago. The difference, of course, was that Ratcat came from a musical background that broke all rules!

Although we could continue for many paragraphs about Ratcat’s amazing feats, their success was mirrored internationally by Nirvana six months later, and the impact they had on the Australia music scene in the early ‘90s is undeniable. After breaking up in the mid ‘90s, Ratcat main man, Simon Day has continued to perform regularly with his new bands, including 51 Monday and The Charismatics. His latest incarnation, Simon Day and the Prostitutes, are fast garnering a big live following and can often be found strutting their stuff on an inner-city stage or two.

Ratcat have performed the odd rare show – including  their sold out 20th anniversary  show for the ‘Blind Love’ album in 2011 ! Perhaps we may see Ratcat perform  again soon – you’ll only find out here though!


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Albums / Lp’s

Simon Day (guitar/vocals) Ratcat Self Titled Mini Album
Andrew Polin (Drums) This Nightmare
Nic Dalton (Bass/Vocals)) Tingles
Various Members (86 – 93) Blind Love
Victor Levy Alive
John McAteer Inside Out
Trevor Wintle Easy Rider
Marc Scully Informer 80:629
Amr Zaid Twisted Tails (Compilation)

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Twisted Tails (Compilation) http://users.1earth.net/~tingles/ratcat/ratcat.html

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