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They’ve spent the past couple of decades creating some of the best indie pop/rock this side of the equator and right now Brisbane trio Screamfeeder are still producing the best music of their career so far. 2003’s “take you apart” album prompted a whirlwind of activity for Screamfeeder; dates in the UK and US, an appearance at SxSW in Texas, and a US release for the album [through In Music We Trust in Portland Oregon].

Screamfeeder may be not be the ‘new kids on the block’ of the Australian music scene but their pedigree remains impeccable – 2004 saw the release of their 21 track “singles and more” album, demonstrating their furious work ethic and consistent stream of great output from over a decade.

Screamfeeder stepped into the spotlight back in 1992 with the release of their debut album, Flour (out on the unfortunately not-so-permanent Survival label). Together, Kellie, Dean and Tim soon found themselves with a reputation for catchy hooks, meaningful lyrics and potent live shows that won over new fans. Their debut album was soon followed by the brilliant Burn Out Your Name LP in 1993, with yet another record, the Felicitator EP, hitting the shelves not long after in 1994. Busy touring across the nation and winning over audiences and music critics wherever they played, Screamfeeder were, in a nutshell, keeping busy!

It wasn’t just here at home, however, that the band was getting critical kudos – international music fans also got a taste of ‘Feeder sound via the international release of the group’s albums via the American indie TAANG! Records. Heading over to the States and Europe, the trio gained even more underground attention, before returning home and stepping away from Survival and instead signing a deal with Australia’s largest independent label, Shock Records.

The excellent Fill Yourself With Music hit the airwaves in 1995, followed by the Seven Year Glitch compilation double LP in 1996. But it was the acclaimed Kitten Licks LP in 1997 that finally saw Screamfeeder break through to the mainstream masses, scoring wide airplay across Triple J and featuring in many local journos “album of the year” lists, all the while selling out shows across the country.

Easily one of the nation’s most respected indie acts, ever since then Screamfeeder have continued to put out quality recordings in quick succession, one after the other. There’s the Closing Alaska EP (available to US audiences only), with Kitten Licks finding a Stateside release via Time Bomb Records in 1999. There’s the mini-album of cover versions, Home Age, out via Shock, and Rocks On The Soul in 2000.

Circa 2003 however and Screamfeeder scored a new home on Brisbane-based label Rhythm Ace Records. Already there’s radio fave “Ice Patrol”, the first single from their album “Take You Apart “(which the band recorded in Melbourne with good pal/producer Magoo at the helm). No more “lying around by the pool on easy chairs, drinking cocktails and smoking crack,” says Tim. This was followed by the incredible compilation ‘Introducing:Screamfeeder” in 2004 ; + the pop rock gem ‘Rocks On The Soul’.

Having performed at virtually every major and minor festival nationwide,  Screamfeeder have also toured the world scoring themselves an fervent international cult following and in 2009, re-released their classic ‘Kitten Licks’ album accompanied by a sold out international tour.

With side projects galore (We all Want To,  The Whats, + solo projects) Screamfeeder aren’t about to start slowing down!


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Kellie Lloyd Flour
Dean Burn Out Your Name
Tim Steward Felicitator
Kill Yourself With Music
Seven Year Glitch
Kitten Licks
Home Age
Rocks On The Soul
Take You Apart
Introducing:Screamfeeder (Compilation)
Cargo Embargo (B Sides & More)

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Cargo Embargo (B Sides & More)

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