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In a nutshell, sonicanimation are arguably one of Australia’s pioneering premiere live/crossover electronic acts. It all started way back in 1994, when original trio Adrian Cartwright, Rupert Keiller and Steve Bertschick (who later chose not to stick around) casually began jamming.

Having drummed for bands such as Circus Charlie back in the ‘80s (highlight: supporting Kids in the Kitchen!), Adrian was looking for new musical collaborators, while former UK resident Rupert was busy immersing himself in the indie/goth and rave scenes. After meeting up and discussing a mutal love for indie rock, Adrian and Rupert formed Scarlet Garden, but alas a spot play on “Simon Townsend’s Wonder World” was to be their only success.

Looking elsewhere for inspiration, Adrian salvaged a keyboard from one of his former outfits and began experimenting with a new style of writing. It was when he and Rupert handed a tape full of compositions over to Steve, who could often be found spinning discs at various clubs and parties, that the seeds of sonicanimation were sown. After Adrian attended his first rave the future was set.

While Rupert and Adrian were used to writing individually and then collaborating, the new-look trio didn’t want to stay locked in the studio. Deciding to focus on taking their music to the live realm, they began playing a variety of club gigs (Melbourne’s Filter, Sydney’s Totem) and eventually scored slots at huge outdoor raves across the country. Thanks in part to sonic’s debut release, the 12” “Time Is An Illusion” single (which sold copious copies in Europe), sonicanimation soon found themselves playing to thousands of punters, supporting the likes of CJ Bolland, The Prodigy and Resistance D, alongside headline spots on many of the prestigious festivals. 1997 saw the release of debut album, Silence Is Deafening, as well as the departure of Steve, who left to explore his own musical style.

Since those early beginnings Rupert and Adrian did go on to success after success, licensing tracks to international compilations, taking on side projects (Rupert’s Dr Rupa and Adrian’s Chaos in a Box) and releasing countless hit singles (1999’s “Love Lies Bleeding” and “Theophilus Thistler”, not to mention winning “Best Live Band” at the first DMA Dance Music Awards. (And then there’s those furry critters, Theo and Rupert.) Their second album, the double CD Orchid For The Afterworld, was then been followed up with the excellent Reality By Deception, (released in 2002 via Festival Mushroom Records). Their hit “I’m A DJ” was released in the UK late in 2002, with the dance remixes by The Sharp Boys (Mary J Blige, Kylie Minogue, Jamiroquai). It became a UK club hit with plenty of support from MTV Europe.

ELEVEN : a retrospective journey into eleven years of SONICANIMATION Released through Inertia

Stabbing guitar, whirling synths and family-size beats showcase sonic animation’s sound and style.   Combining diverse musical fashion, lyrical wit and a quirky sense of humour has created the up-beat music that Australian audiences have come to love.

Rupert Keiller and Adrian Cartwright began their recording career as sonic animation with their first independent white label 12-inch release, ‘Time is an Illusion’.   This self-funded production was distributed in Europe through MMS, where it sold 1500 copies.   Since then the band has released four albums (Silence is Deafening-1997, Reality by Deception-2002 and Defective Perspective-2004) and ‘Orchid for the Afterworld (1999) which reached gold sales status, as well as three EPs and numerous 12-inch singles.

Sonicanimation’s fame was fuelled by the gigantic furry creatures that originally featured in the video for Theophilus Thistler .   Named Robert Rollie and Theophilus Thistler, these furry costumes have appeared on stages all around Australia. Sonicanimation have also been known to invite fans to be in the suits and dance on stage with them at their shows.

Sonicanimation have won awards for Best Video and Best Live Act at Australia’s Dance Music Awards, as well as being nominated for 2 ARIA’s.   Their reputation as an energetic and frenetic live act has seen them play the Big Days Out nationally four times; and they have supported The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Underworld and Fat Boy Slim.   Sonicanimation have played countless dance parties including Ministry of Sound, and filling in for CJ Bolland when he refused to get on the plane from Germany!   They have done remixes for Kylie Minogue and Amiel, and worked with top-notch Australian producer Josh Abrahams.

‘Eleven’ was the last album release from the duo known as Sonicanimation celebrating the fun and outrageous moments of eleven years of hits and misses! Sonicanimation may return sooner than you think!


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Adrian Cartwright Silence Is Defening
Rupert Keiller Orchid For The Afterworld
Reality By Deception
Defective Perspective
Eleven (retrospective compilation)

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Eleven (retrospective compilation)

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