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From Melbourne, Australia and often compared to  such luminaries as Radiohead, Subaudible Hum remain a musical enigma almost impossible to accurately describe in writing given their incredible songwriting style.  So that said, we give you the band’s own words relaying the story of their album, “Tall Stories”..

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read about our band, SubAudible Hum. We’ve released our third studio album and have called it “TALL STORIES”. Yes, it is also the title of the last track on the album, but we felt it also lent itself to the many varied and, at times, contradictory feelings and thoughts that went into making this album.

We pulled the same stunt with our first album, “Everything You Heard Is True” (2005), which, incidentally, was a great way to begin our time here on the studio recording main stage and earned us many pats on the back from our home town of Australia, and a few from across the pond. “Everything…” in retrospect was a little harsher on the quasi-socio-political front, a little firmer around the neck, at least in sentiment, and it may have involved a few more guitars than we currently employ. nonetheless we thought it pulled together rather nicely and said all that was needed to be said at the time. But we digress.

“TALL STORIES” is a succinct little package of tales from the underbelly of our times. It begins with an un-named character’s plight, fleeing for his life from an ambiguously sinister construction job in Alaska, pursued all the while by a malevolent group of dark agents. This kind of theme seems to permeate throughout the album – nothing specific, just a feeling that things are not as they seem. There are sign posts but no roads. The river is black and inky but still needs to be crossed somehow. It’s a far cry from the confidence we felt like displaying in our last album, “In Time For Spring, On Came The Snow” (2006), which seemed to have all the answers.

People appeared to have liked it too. We had many tunes off this album put on national radio rotation. You may remember the stomping sounds of “Sugarcoat” or the melancholy march of “All For The Caspian”. We were given Album of the Week by the good people at Triple J and were even invited into the Album of the Year list. We were also offered many exciting gigs like two Homebake festivals, and gigs with U.N.K.L.E., Elbow, Tapes n’ Tapes, Toni Collette, Okkervil River. Yes, life is good when you’re dissing oil tycoons and presidents, especially in the flamboyantly grandios manner in which we decided to do it. But anyway, that was a far more black and white era…

These days we’re a lot less sure of what’s going on. Realities seem farcical and misleading. The same people run the world, they just have different puppets on their fingers – and oh what charming finger puppets. It’s almost enough to make you want to believe them. But faith is a dangerously ill-fitting wig these days. One big gust of wind and you’ll be walking around with a very cold head.

So if you want you can embark on the journey “TALL STORIES” offers. We’ll be there too, scanning the skyline for an answer. We can work together to decide the best way out of here.

Until then, Kindest regards

SubAudible Hum

The third album from SubAudible Hum swaps sweeping statements for a more nuanced view of the world!‘ Craig Mathieson, The Age


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Daniel Griffith Everything You Heard Is True (2005)
Ryan Nelson In Time For Spring, On Came The Snow (2006)
Joel Griffith Tall Stories
Nick van Cuylenburg All For The Caspian (EP)
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