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There have been very few acts that have managed to literally set the musical underground on fire in a chaotic manner. Names such as The Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, The Psychedelic Furs, The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine & even our very own Underground Lovers all fall in to this category. Bands such as these have both created & inspired discordant melodies that have captured the collective ears of an international community.

For this reason, we here at IMC are extremely proud to (re)present the very haunting; the very dark & light; & the very chaotic and mysterious pop world of The Morning After Girls. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, The Morning After Girls have been stirring interest & controversy  far and wide as word of their most unique & enigmatic musical style seems to spread. Now residing in New York City, this ironically aloof 5 piece continue on an underground path to success with their new album, ‘Alone’ (being some 6 years in the making may we add!!).

But first – A few words about the morning after girls…

There are moments in time that shape us forever.  How these moments shape us, we can sometimes be unclear about, however when Martin B Sleeman and Sacha Lucashenko’s paths crossed in the early 2000’s, it was very clear what would result.  Bound by a fascination and love for everything that consumes the human existence, they began creating music together that combined both individual’s feelings and emotions, as one vision. This vision has now become known as the morning after girls.

The morning after girls started performing in and around Melbourne almost immediately, rolling out their unique brand of psychedelic, Velvet-Underground-meets-21st-Century-disillusionment. Incorporating insightful and intelligent lyrics, melancholic yet discordant melodies, for and a sound and vision that is truly unique to the now. Triple J found the wisdom to spin the band’s brilliant crafted tune “Straight Thru You” from their first self-titled EP (released late 2003); everyone from the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to the Black Keys also found the wisdom to invite the band to share a stage.

And the band, well, they’ve found the wisdom to leave all that behind and take things to another level. Releasing a further EP (and long player combining both the EP’s and video’s),  the morning after girls continued on travelling the mysterious path that would see them befriend many admirers including the aforementioned international luminaries as well as The Dandy Warhols, The Warlocks, The Brian Jonestown Massacre & many more

Since these early days, Martin and Sacha have been writing songs, making records and playing shows everywhere from Melbourne to Manchester, Tokyo to Tuscon …& most cities between. True works of art require the artist at some point, to find themselves at their most vulnerable, feeling the most pain, feeling isolated and naked, guided by a reality that is their own, but one that is influenced and reflected by the commonality of the force which connects us all.

With that in mind, those key members Sacha Lucashenko (voice / guitars) and Martin B. Sleeman (guitars / voice) recently moved to New York forming the morning after girls mk3 with Americans – Alexander White,  EJ Hagen & Anthony Johnson  The move and the new blood have brought a whole new dimension to the band and to the music.

With the assistance of famed producer, Alan Moulder and Robbie Rowlands, the morning after girls completed their second album, ‘Alone’, (currently released in the USA only through xemu records). With the release of the album, the band have performed at many prestigious international events including Reading, Leeds, T In The Park & Oxegen Festivals – as well as all the big name Australian festivals. With the new tracks having scored soundtrack inclusion on high profile American shows such as ‘90210’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’, the morning after girls now begin their next chapter!

For the uninitiated, the morning after girls invite you to celebrate the gift that we all have the pleasure of sharing; music.

Thank you, and enjoy!


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Albums / Lp’s

Anton Jakovljevic (percussion) Straight Through You (single)
Sacha Lucashenko (voice / Guitars) The Morning After Girls EP
Alexander White (voice / keyboard / percussion) The Morning After Girls 2 EP
EJ Hagen (bass) Evolve
Anthony Johnson (drums / guitars) Alone

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